Connecting people to water in west texas

BBCA Water Group

The State of Texas’s “bottom-up” approach to water planning provides citizens and landowners with many tools that can help them protect the water they depend on for drinking, agriculture and recreation. Unfortunately, there is often a gap between the agencies that regulate groundwater, and the people that are affected by the decisions they make. BBCA is working to bridge that gap through alliance-building, education, and advocacy. Here are a few of the ways BBCA is working towards that end:

  • Working with groundwater conservation districts to set reasonable guidelines
  • Commenting on the Desired Future Condition (DFC) process to raise awareness of issues affecting the drawdown of regional aquifers
  • Hosting symposiums and publishing material to educate local citizens on groundwater management, law, and hydrological systems
  • “Our Water Matters” column in the Big Bend Sentinel and Big Bend Gazette

West Texas Water Reality

It’s common knowledge that the Big Bend region of Texas lies within the Chihuahuan Desert, yet few people know that in this dry climate with an average rainfall of 14 inches or less, the centers of population (Alpine, Marfa, and Fort Davis) all get their water from a single, minor aquifer. The Igneous aquifer recharges slowly, and has an available capacity of only 15,000 acre-feet; making very clear the need to use this resource carefully and wisely.

Igneous Aquifer

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