As many of you know, Governor Abbott appointed Kelcy Warren to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission while the Legislature was not in session. The Texas Senate Nominations Committee must now confirm his nomination.

We have the opportunity to act.

Kindly visit the link below to download a template of a protest letter to members of the Nominations Committee.

You will also find a list of Nominations Committee members with their Austin and District Office addresses. Simply download the template and list, cut and paste each Senator’s address from the list into the letter, add you own address below the space for your signature, and print. Then sign and SNAIL MAIL each letter to each Senator’s office

Feel free to rephrase the letter any way you see fit, but please remain factual and respectful.

If you send one letter to each Senator’s address, the total cost is about $7 for 14 letters. If you already have stamps, the whole process should take about half an hour.