The Big Bend Conservation Alliance (BBCA) works to conserve the living heritage and unique natural and cultural resources of the greater Big Bend region of Texas.


BBCA envisions a thriving and resilient Big Bend built upon the region’s legacy of stewardship and sustained through meaningful alliances to preserve the unspoiled sense of place unique to Far West Texas.


  • Be an honest voice and advocate for the region.
  • Maintain a community-based approach to reflect local values.
  • Protect the nature of the region, natural resources, and quality of life.
  • Be effective, pragmatic, and inclusive with a high degree of integrity.
  • Build consensus on broad issues through relationships inside and outside of the region.


BBCA formed in 2015 as a group of citizens concerned about the impact of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline- the first pipeline in the region with the potential to mark the beginning of a new era of development in an otherwise relatively untouched environment. In an effort to halt pipeline construction and call for better environmental review, BBCA engaged the public, landowners, and local officials by holding regular meetings and workshops to raise awareness of issues concerning eminent domain abuse, destruction of archaeological sites, water use and permitting issues, light pollution, and a FERC comment and intervention campaign that resulted in the highest number of on-the- docket comments about a natural gas pipeline in the history of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

While state law and lax regulation led to the eventual installation of the pipeline, BBCA continues to work within our program areas to address future threats to the region.


BBCA’s strategy to accomplish our mission is built around four key strategic initiatives:

  1. Build Community Partnerships – Increase the capacity and strength of the region to achieve conservation outcomes.
  2. Educate and Engage – Expand public awareness and community engagement around conservation issues.
  3. Advocate – Spread awareness, influence decision-makers, broker information, and build community consensus.
  4. Strengthen and Sustain – Diversify and secure required resources, strengthen the organization’s capacity to manage and deliver its programs and achieve goals.

Through impactful programming and community engagement BBCA hopes to achieve a number of long-term outcomes to preserve the Big Bend region for generations to come, including: 

  • Protect natural resources
  • Manage water resources at a sustainable level
  • Maintain biodiversity of region
  • Keep land un-fragmented and economically viable for landowners
  • Develop energy in a responsible manner to mitigate impact to community and environment

Please see our Strategic Plan 2020-2023 for further information on our goals, strategies, and activities.