BBCA Celebrates 5 Years

Five years ago, Big Bend Conservation Alliance was officially incorporated with the State of Texas. BBCA started as an entirely volunteer-led, grassroots organization centered around the Trans-Pecos Pipeline project that was constructed through the Big Bend region. While the pipeline was eventually installed, BBCA has endured to be the premiere conservation organization dedicated to protect the natural resources of the greater Big Bend region. 

In the short term, BBCA will continue to focus its efforts on advocacy, education, and strengthening our capacity to provide impactful programming and conservation outcomes throughout the region. Long-term, BBCA envisions thriving and resilient Big Bend built upon the region’s legacy of stewardship and sustained through meaningful alliances to preserve the unspoiled sense of place unique to Far West Texas. We believe that this can be accomplished with our ability to:   
*Be an honest voice and advocate for region
*Maintain a local community-based approach to reflect the values of the local residents
*Protect the pristine nature of the region, natural resources, and quality of life
*Be effective, pragmatic, and inclusive with high degree of integrity
*Build consensus on broad issues through relationships inside and outside of the region

Our night sky program is working with partners like the McDonald Observatory and the Tierra Grande Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists to protect the exceptional night skies of the Big Bend. We hope to achieve dark sky certifications throughout the region and provide education on the importance of night skies for the local economy, wildlife, and health of Big Bend residents. 

There are many on-going challenges to the region’s scarce water resources. BBCA is focused on increasing our knowledge and understanding of regional water issues so that we can make informed choices on how water is sustainably managed. BBCA’s water symposium last year highlighted the Rio Grande by bringing together experts from the US and Mexico to discuss challenges and solutions to increasing the health of the river. Also, we seek to deepen our understanding of the Balmorhea Spring System through research studies undertaken in conjunction with hydrologists from Southwest Research Institute – results of the next phase of our research will be released later this year. Lastly, BBCA is working on a water advocacy campaign for West Texas that will bring thought leaders from across the region to examine how we can manage water resources in light of regional development, industrial activities, and growth. 

We are so thankful for all of our donors, partners, supporters, and volunteers that have shown their commitment to BBCA and our mission over the past five years. Our work is more important than ever and BBCA will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the communities we serve.