The greater Big Bend region contains a wealth of cultural resources that span the diversity of human occupation of the Americas–from Early Paleoindian to Historic times. The region abounds with both surface and buried prehistoric archaeological sites, many of which are stratified and contain intact dateable deposits. The numerous boulders and rock shelters found across this mountainous region often served as prehistoric dwellings, many of which contain perishable items that make them both critical to science, as well as vulnerable to collectors.

Major scientific inroads have been made in Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park and on select private lands across the region. But by and large, the Big Bend remains a frontier to archeology as it does to other branches of science. The vast majority of private lands have not been surveyed for cultural resources and remain vulnerable to a range of natural and human caused impacts. The Big Bend Conservation Alliance seeks to help protect this important resource in the following ways:

  • Foster partnerships and increase participation in regularly-scheduled events promoting the region’s unique cultural resources.

  • Work with existing groups and provide support for collaborative efforts towards historic designations within the region.

  • Work with existing groups and provide support for collaborative efforts towards preserving and raising awareness of the archaeological record within the region.


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