Helios Energy in Presidio County

Location of pad site can be found at: https://bit.ly/2lSbDNX

Oil and gas production has expanded with the completion of four wells owned by Helios Energy near Quinn Creek in northwestern Presidio County. Here is the information on the project BBCA has gathered from Texas Railroad Commission and investor materials published by Helios (more information on the project is available at: https://www.heliosenergyltd.com/projects/presidio-oil-project). 

  • Helios has drilled 4 wells – Two wells are vertical text/core bores, one was the initial vertical production test well, and the fourth (I&I #2) was a vertical bore, amended to horizontal, completed on September 4th.
  • The #2 well was initially a discovery/test well, but has been fully completed and fracked. Based on reported production numbers, this well does not seem to produce as much as other wells in the Alpine High/Southern Delaware Basin. 
  • Investor materials indicate that over 44,000 acres will be leased with a total footprint of 16 wells.
  • Helios constructed a 25 mile road from pad sites to US90.
  • Oil will be transported via truck to refinery in El Paso (170 miles away).
  • 3.328 million gallons of water were used to complete the #2 well – which is consistent with the shallowness of the well and short laterals. 
  • Local water wells are likely supplying the water used for production (per Helios investor materials). 
  • It is not known how flowback water is being disposed of – pictures indicate a number of evaporation ponds with excess water most likely being trucked to disposal wells outside of the county. 
  • With no ability to take away the natural gas produced, it is likely all being flared or vented. Flaring and venting is allowed during drilling operations and for 10 days after completion. After that period, an exemption is required for flaring and/or venting (or the well should be shut in). 

As oil production expands, it will be vitally important to understand the larger impacts to the region and support conservation efforts to protect water resources, dark skies, and ecology of the region. BBCA will continue to monitor oil and gas development and work with local units of government, landowners, groundwater conservation districts, and other stakeholders to provide information, tools, and support to make informed decisions and protect the natural resources of the Big Bend.

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