With nearly 90 percent of the land in the Big Bend region made up of private ranches, the rights of property owners, and the economic viability of their land are paramount in maintaining the un-fragmented beauty and character of the region. Moreover, these large areas of undeveloped land do their part in protecting the water, wildlife, view-shed, and starry night skies that bring people out to the state and national parks of the region. Here are several ways the BBCA is looking to protect this precious resource:

  • Raising awareness and advocating against the use of eminent domain for private gain
  • Hosting landowner workshops and panels to identify regional needs and existing resources
  • Sponsoring events to inform area landowners and residents about successful conservation efforts elsewhere
  • Developing a “tool kit” to provide landowners with options and resources to keep their land profitable without industrial development and preserve the wide-open spaces of the  ranching way of life