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Action Item- Protest Letter: Injection Wells in Fracking Play, Northern Big Bend Region

While we may be feeling somewhat powerless about recent developments in Balmorhea, there is something we can do.

THIS LINK will take you to four protest letter templates, one for each well.

Kindly visit the link, download all four letters, fill each one out (feel free to add any personal touches, but please remain factual), and SNAIL MAIL all four letters to the Railroad Commission.

These letters ensure that the company will be required to request a hearing. This slows the process considerably and may potentially result in a denial of the permits.


The company has applied for 4 injection wells. These wells are used to disappear the highly contaminated water that is used in hydraulic fracturing deep into the ground. This is water that leaves the hydrologic cycle forever and is known to cause earthquakes (they’ve already had 2 in Reeves County this year).

There will be many more such protest letters. Stay tuned and many thanks for your continued support.