Water and Grassland Restoration Workshop

Join us this Friday at the Dixon Water Foundation for a very special presentation by Valer Clark and Jose Manuel Perez,
directors of The Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation.

Their work is to preserve and restore water resources on the US/Mexican borderlands.

The restoration of key habitats has been achieved though the construction of thousands of small rock dams, berms, and gabions in eroded areas. CLO also worked to remove exotic species, aerate soils, apply seeding and manage grasslands through controlled berms and rotational grazing. Up to date, more than 4,000 acres of grasslands have been aerated and reseeded, at least 15% of an historic wetland has been restored and 8 miles of rivers are now flowing year round. Restoring habitat has been key to bring back native wildlife populations such as Coues deers, Black bears and Gould’s turkeys.

The restoring of the region demonstrates the benefits of conservation, which is making it possible to continue traditional forms of land use in a sustainable manner. Additionally, the area forms the liaison between the US and Mexico to secure a vital piece of the greater continental migratory route that extends along the western spine of the North and South American Continents.

Building upon what Ms. Clark and Mr. Perez have learned, while recognizing it is possible to restore even the most degraded land, they wish to share this knowledge with others and influence society at large about the need to prioritize restoration and place a higher value on natural resources. The Foundation seeks to support this vision through community education, sustainable resource management and art.

More of their work can be learned @ https://cuencalosojos.org/

An event Co-produced by the Big Bend Conservation Alliance and Trans Pecos Documentary.

Hosted by the Dixon Water Foundation
The event is Free.